How to find a good electrician

August 4, 2021

Do you need an electrician? Haven’t found a reliable electrician in your area yet? It can often be daunting deciding which electrician to hire. If you choose poorly, you can end up with bad results, or a project that takes too long and costs too much.

So how do you find a good electrician?

1. Find out their area of expertise  

Electricians can often complete a vast array of projects and tasks. However, you will want to hire an electrician who specialises in the area in which you require work. Before you hire anyone, make sure they specialise in the right area of work for you.

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2. Recommendations and reviews

Electricians can talk about how good they are at their job, but recommendations and reviews are the proof they’re actually good. Research the electrician online and see what other’s say about them. A lack of reviews isn’t necessarily a bad thing - it may be a reflection of them being a newer company, or not having a big online presence. However, if you’re noticing the electrician or company has a lot of bad reviews, you may wish to steer clear and make another choice.

3. Certifications

Does the electrician have all the correct certifications and licences? If you’re worried, don’t hesitate to ask for proof. Any legitimate electrician will not have a problem showing you these. If they are unable to show you any or are annoyed at being asked, it could be a red flag.

4. Proof of past work

If you’re hiring an electrician to undergo a large project, you want to make sure you choose the right one. Knowing that they are experienced can help to settle that unease about hiring. The electrician may have a portfolio of previous work or clients on their website. If not, you may wish to ask for proof of their past work.

5. References

Can the electrician provide you with references? And are those references able to give the electrician a good review? Calling references can help you narrow down your choice of who to hire.

6. Prices

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The same goes for electricians and the prices they are offering for jobs or projects. We all try to save money when we can, however, picking the cheapest option may cost you in the long run. If the job isn’t done right or isn’t completed, you may need to hire someone else to come and fix the problems.

Look at the prices that other companies are offering, and if one is a lot cheaper than the rest, question why that is.

Double-check reviews, certification and references before you decide on an option that is too cheap to be true.

Before hiring an electrician, always check the competition, see what people have said about the company, and check their experience and past clients. If something doesn’t seem right to you or they are hesitant or angry about giving you more background information, you may wish to choose another company.

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